Can you play Blackout Bingo on Android?

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Online gaming has become one of the most popular pastime activities out there, with some people even making careers out of it.

Many platforms offer a wide range of selections to choose from, with different genres ranging from action to thriller, from storytelling to paranormal.

A new trend has emerged among gaming websites to offer money in exchange for gaming hours. One such app is Blackout Bingo. Today we will be explaining what it is, what its features are, and analyzing its compatibility with android.

What is Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo is an online platform that gives a virtual presence to the traditional game of Bingo. Bingo is a game in which a caller calls the random numbers drawn, and the players mark those numbers off on their cards.

The cards have squares in which different numbers are written. Whoever marks off all the numbers first wins the game. With blackout Bingo, a player must cover every spot on their card in order to win.

Matches are made through diagonal, vertical, or horizontal crosses. Blackout Bingo claims to offer real-world rewards and is developed by Big Run Studios Inc. and runs on the Skillz platform family.

How to play (and win)?

To start, you first need to download the application. Once done, the app will give you a tutorial on how to play as well as a practice game. You must set a screen name and an avatar to begin playing.

Once you are ready to play with other players, the game matches you with other players of similar skill sets as you. The same bingo balls and cards are given to players throughout the game. With every three matches, the game gives you a Daub, which is an option that allows you to cross any square of your liking.

Be careful with how you play your daub, as it can be your winning move. More games you win, the higher your skill set, and the more virtual tokens you can earn per game. Each game lasts about 2 minutes, so it does not take up too much of your time. However, once you start playing, there is no guarantee that you will stop!


The features of the game include earning virtual tokens called Z, which can later be converted to cash or prizes. Each match earns a different number of virtual tokens. For example, completing a practice match earns you 1Z. The amount of tokens earned per match depends on your skill set and the complexity of the game.


The bonus part of Blackout Bingo is the chance to earn real-life cash prizes! With every game you win, you can collect virtual tokens and later cash them for practical money. Referring to the application to your friends is another way of making money and earning virtual tokens.

Another easy (and hidden way) is to download more games from the same company. Skillz platform family offers a wide range of games, and checking out their collection (and earning money for it) is the ideal situation for someone who loves gaming.


If for some reason, you do not want to redeem your tokens in the form of a cash prize, there are other alternative options that you can try!

One of these options is that you can trade 140Z for 1 Skillz t-shirt! There are various other options available, with each demanding a separate number of tokens.

You can choose from phone cases, mugs, camera lenses, portable speakers, and solar phone charges. The higher you go, the more tokens will be required for the products.

What servers does it work on?

This answer serves as good news for everyone! The server of Blackout bingo is compatible with both android and IOS!!! You can enjoy and earn money however you like! Available languages include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

How much money can you earn?

The amount of money you earn depends on two factors: your skillset and the amount of time you spend playing bingo. Blackout Bingo rewards players with consistent wins quite handsomely. After earning a certain number of tickets, you can unlock the bonus cash option, which makes it possible for you to earn real-life money.

People earning Z tokens can only play against those earning the same. However, there is an entry price for cash-winning games. For example, you might enter a game that offers a $1 prize, but you will have to pay a 60 cents applicant fee first.

However, you should always look out for special events as they offer big cash prizes. “Big Money Mondays” is an event that can provide you with a chance to win up to $3000! You will have to pay a participation fee of $5, and the highest earnings will go to the best player! Another easy way to win money is by inviting your friends to the platform.

With one person who joins through your code, you will be able to receive $20! You can also withdraw your cash anytime you want. It will be deposited into your debited account. 

There is a $1.50 processing fee in case your withdrawal is less than $10. Since this is a casino game, it is definitely only suitable for adults. You can use to handle your reward!

Is it legit?

This is a question we often find ourselves asking when it comes to online reward programs. Even if most such sites are scams, Blackout Bingo definitely is not! With a 4.5/5 star rating, it is one of the best reward apps out there.

It has garnered ratings and reviews from over 70,000 people. It is also ranked as no. 3 in the casino apps category in the App Store! It is 100% legit! You can find the reviews online or on their app and clear all suspicions.


To offer a conclusion, Blackout Bingo is your way to go in order to have some fun as well as earn some money. It is 100% compatible with android and offers a unique opportunity to convert your time into money.

With over 70,000 positive reviews, it is as legit as it gets. The prospect of entry fees might throw you off, but you must consider the long-term benefits and profit that you will be earning with it.

Put your bingo skills to the test against other prospective players and win with it! It also takes into account different languages, and you can use whichever option you want! Sounds like a great deal to us!

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