Seven notable Test cricket game-saving strikes

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The appeal of Test game cricket is that, despite the absence of a victory or defeat, a game may be very important and affect the outcome of the season. For a batter to play for extended stretches and win a Test game for his squad, much effort and patience are required. 

Here are the top Seven team-specific Test match-saving performances according to sports news cricket.

1. English vs. South Africans, Durban – Gary Kirsten 275 runs:

The South Africans and an evenly matched touring English team played their third of a five-match series on a test game in 1999 in Kingsmead. The initial Test was gained by a home team, and English got their hard-fought draw after that. With the host squad being bunched out of only 156, the outsiders were poised to tie the championship in Durban. 210 runs up after the first innings, English pushed the follow-up. The Africans, who were up against it, were able to rescue a tie because of the talented left-handed, who epitomized South Africa’s grit with a remarkable 275 against 642 deliveries. He fought for approximately 878 minutes, which helped to keep South Africans ahead in a series. Gary’s incredible performance at Durban was among a series’ highlights as a South African went on to victor the match 2-1.

2. 156 runs of Ricky Ponting during English vs. Australians at Old Trafford:

Following the epic game of 2005 at Edgbaston, the Ashes Test game was the third in what is perhaps the best Ashes season ever performed. The Australians, with a total of 423 runs, would’ve lost the game with a series tied at 1-1 except for an outstanding effort by their skipper. He batted for practically the entire day, faced 275 deliveries, and scored 156 while maintaining composure for 411 minutes. Having 4 overs remaining, his was a ninth wicket to suffer a loss, but a last partnership of Brett Lee with Glen McGrath made sure their skipper’s heroic performance wasn’t wasted. This performance kept the tournament tied with two Tests remaining and offered the Australians some optimism.

3. Sunil Gavaskar 221 runs in English vs. Indians at Oval, London:

Sunil Gavaskar’s 221 runs against the English at the Oval is still regarded as among the best performances by an Indian and a standard of hitting mastery. Indians finally got off a surprise when they were given the improbable goal of 438 runs in the fourth and last Test, in huge part because of the outstanding batter who played for 490 mins while playing 443 deliveries. Indians scored 429/8 on the final day, falling only 9 runs ahead of their target. Among the best games ever performed on England’s soil, the great Indian scored 21 fours in single innings with little possibility of failure. The home team prevailed in the four-game series 1-0, but not without a few tense scenes in Oval.

4. English against South Africans in Johannesburg; Mike Atherton 185 runs:

Due to the outstanding innings of their skipper, Mike Atherton, who outlasted players such as Shaun Pollock, Allan Donald, Brian McMillan, and Meyrick Pringle for 643 mins, English managed to escape with such a tie in a second Test in  1995 December, despite being given a 479-run target to claim victory. Mike finished with 185 runs not out in 492 deliveries, the top score in his Test matches. In addition, Jack Russell scored 29 runs while being active for further than 4.5 hours. Throughout 165 overs, Britishes amassed 351 runs while losing 5 wickets. Therefore, with a score of 0-0, the five-game series was still up for grabs.

5. West Indies against Pakistani’s, Hanif Mohammad 337 runs, in Barbados:

This incredible performance is maybe the best and longest game-saving performance in history. In Jan 1958, with Pakistani down by 473 runs after the first inning, Hanif Mohammad started the subsequent innings for the Pakistani squad at Bridgetown. He began the Pakistan second innings at an end of a 2nd of the match six days after his squad had been dismissed for 106 runs in the first. This seemed terrible, but he resisted a West Indies attack led by a dreadful Roy Gilchrist.

He played into the last day of play in a Caribbean sun, enduring for a total of 970 mins and hitting 337, helping Pakistani escape with a tie after facing an incredible 319 overs and reaching 657/8. Imtiaz Ahmed the fellow opener, made an important contribution with his 91 that served as the cornerstone for this amazing comeback.

6. West Indies against English, George Headley 223 runs in Jamaica:

The host team West Indies as well as England faced off in among the most unusual games of all time at Kingston in 1930 April. The West indies required 836 runs to succeed, but only managed to hit 408 runs for 5, with 223 coming from the legendary George. Although the contest was scheduled to be endless and performed out to a conclusion, his outstanding performance was sufficient to secure a tie for his team. The planned eighth and ninth days were rained off, therefore the English squad had to depart to make their boat return. Because of the outstanding guy, the series concluded with a tie after the fourth and last Test. He spends 390 mins and 385 deliveries in front of him. Decades of West Indies athletes have been influenced by George Headley, who is regarded as among the most famous players in the history of the sport.

7. Sri Lanka against New Zealand, Martin Crowe 299 runs in Wellington:

In the first test of their three-match series against Sri Lankans in 1991, the hosts Nz struggled in a scenic Basin Reserve. Kiwis can’t stop the guests from reaching a massive 497 runs despite being knocked out off 174 in an initial inning. Despite the difficulty of the situation, their stalwart skipper Martin Crowe managed a professional-life greatest 299 runs off 454 balls while batting for 610 mins. Andrew Jones’ outstanding 186 supported the team well. The hosts played over three days, putting up 671/4 from 220.3 overs. However, the match finished scoreless. The 2nd-highest solo Test total for an Nz batter is Martin’s 299 runs.


These are the 7 Famous match-saving innings in the history of test cricket. 

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