Photo Booth Tricks to Take Better Pictures on your Mac

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macOS, the powerful operating system that powers all variants of Apple’s Mac, is known for offering the best native apps and utilities. Each native macOS application facilitates users to perform a specific task without hassle. 

Apple further enhances the capabilities of native applications by adding new features and functionalities to them via software updates. The latest macOS Ventura update features numerous revamped utilities, one of which is the Photo Booth application. 

In this article, we will take a closer look at what Photo Booth is and list some of the most efficient tricks following which users can take better pictures on their Mac. Let us dive right into it:

 What is Photo Booth?

Photo Booth is macOS’ native application for taking pictures and videos using Macs’ native webcams or externally connected ones. Besides being the native photo-clicking app on macOS, the app is also available for iPad users.

Any pictures taken using the app automatically get saved on the device. Hence, any macOS user wondering how to save images on Mac after clicking them on their Mac’s webcam can use the Photo Booth app to get the job done efficiently. 

Effective Tricks to Capture Better Pictures Using Photo Booth:

Even though the native Photo Booth application does not have tons of advanced features and functionalities, there are certain tricks users can implement to capture better pictures on their Macs. Here are some of the most prominent ones:

  • Line Up the Image’s Subject Properly

Photo Booth is an exceptional application that facilitates macOS users to click pictures easily. However, to ensure the application clicks good pictures, users need to place the object so that the camera’s focus remains on it. 

For instance, if any user wishes to click a selfie using their Mac’s Photo Booth app, they need to place themselves in the middle of the frame to ensure the photo comes out crisp and clear. Once the user has positioned themselves, the app will automatically lock focus on the subject and click a stunning image. 

  • Apply Filters or Effects

There are instances when users need to enhance the appeal of a photo while clicking it, i.e., when they do not have enough time to edit the image using a third-party editing tool. This is where the in-built effects of the Photo Booth application come in. 

To do so, all users need to do is click on the “Effects” button present in the app, choose their preferred effect, adjust its appearance using the slider, and move out of the frame. Once the background has been detected, they can move back into the frame and click the picture. 

  • Click Multiple Shots at Once

The Photo Booth app is renowned for helping macOS users click single, beautiful images using their Mac’s webcams. However, most users do not know that they can click a series of images using the app. It is a very handy functionality that allows users to click multiple shots and choose the best one per their requirements. 

To do so, users need to click on the four pictures icon present in the lower left corner of the app, line up their Mac’s camera and click on the camera icon to capture the images. Once the user clicks on the capture icon, four images will be captured in succession. Users can utilize this feature to take multiple photos of a subject without hassle. 

  • Ensure there is Proper Lightning

Although Macs feature good-quality webcams that click decent images, their lenses are not very receptive to light. This drawback of Macs’ native cameras limits the device’s capability when it comes to clicking images, even when using a solid app like Photo Booth. However, there is a fundamental trick which allows users to click appealing pictures using their Mac’s webcams.

To ensure pictures clicked using the Photo Booth app do not look dull and desolate, users need to ensure proper lighting is available. They can do this by using external lights, flashes, shooting during the daytime when sunlight is available, etc. With proper lighting, macOS users can click top-tier images using the Photo Booth utility. 

  • Edit Photos Within the Application

Besides offering users the option to apply effects and backgrounds, the native Photo Booth also allows macOS users to make minor edits to clicked pictures. For instance, users can flip a photo by clicking on the “Edit” option followed by the “Flip Photo” option. 

On the other hand, if users do not wish to save the edited picture, they can easily save the original version by navigating to the app’s File menu and clicking on the “Export Original” option. 

The native Photo Booth application of macOS is a powerful image-capturing application that facilitates users to take top-tier photos without hassle. If you wish to click amazing pictures using the native utility, refer to the effective tricks mentioned above. 

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