A Guide To Manage HOA Complaints In Your Community 

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A homeowners association is formed to provide solutions to the residents’ problems and derive financial strategies with budgeting and analytical skills. So when a resident approaches to board with some issues they are facing, the board actively needs to address the problem and take necessary action. While this might sound easier than done, the board needs members who have problem-solving skills for minor or major issues faced by the resident. Along with the financial management, the HOA board members also have to ensure the well-being of the community members who trusted them while electing the members. 

The board members must prove themselves and maintain the resident’s trust in the HOA board. Nevertheless, sometimes the board members might not be skilled enough to address some of the issues. In such situations, Scottsdale hoa management companies can come to their rescue and ensure the well-being of the community members and resolve any complaints. 

A guide to managing HOA complaints in your community 

  1. Be understanding and acknowledge the issue. 

When many residents or community members compose the board with a complaint, they trust the committee. The residents think the board members will understand their issues and acknowledge the trouble they have gone through because of the inconvenience. 

Since you are an HOA board member, when a resident approaches you with their complaints, make them feel heard and ensure you do not react rudely towards them. You might have several things about work and finances on your mind at that time. However, you cannot let your work pressure come in the way of reassuring the community that their issue will be resolved. 

Sometimes the complaint might not make complete sense, but you must remain calm. If you see that the resident’s complaints are baseless, you can politely explain why the issue is not as big as they think. However, that does not mean you generalise everybody’s complaints and think that they are not facing any concrete problem. 

  1. Review the laws and regulations 

Once you get the written application from a resident company, read the letter carefully. After that, study all the federal and state laws to check whether you find anything related to the complaints. 

Reviewing the laws of your state and federal government will help you plan your activities for resolving the homeowner’s complaints without doing anything illegal. In addition, sometimes the homework complaints might have a legal solution which will rescue your job as you will not have to go out of the way to solve the problem. 

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