William mebarak chadid : know about Bio, Age, height, weight, networth

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william mebarak chadid

We all know Shakira but it is time to know her dad also. The famous personality william mebarak chadid is her dad and had certain ancestors. The family was migrated to Barranquilla and then he was only five years of age. He was born on the date of 6 September and he is a great optimist person. He has got the benefit of being a dual citizen. 

Body measurements of Shakira’s dad:

If we take the current age of william mebarak chadid then you will know that he is right now of 90 years age. He has lived his life in a very glorious manner without any tensions. The height and weight of the person is still unknown and there are not many sources who know about it. He makes himself sit at home and he does not always remain to stay in the limelight. 

Profession of william mebarak chadid:

You will find that the man william mebarak chadid has got many different skills and talents. He has expanded himself to be the best businessman and he has persued the career in the health visit. He has also hunted for the jobs and he has also been a sales representative and worked in the industry. 

He william mebarak chadid has also worked as a professor of literature and he did his career in the field of writing. He lives happily with his life and also he has Shakira which is his greatest pride present. He has established all his brands that is his greatest pride. 

William Mebarak is a man of many talents and skills, he is mostly famous aa a business person and also he has worked along the medical representative. He loves to expand his brand when ever he will visit any different place of his own choice. 

william mebarak chadid Early life and family:

Early life of william mebarak chadid has been very much glorious. He had his father Alberto Mebarak Spath, and mother also Isabel Chadid Baizer and he had told about his career and the education. He has not mentioned much about the school that he went and he also thought that education cannot decide your career. 

He william mebarak chadid married his first wife who was Lucia Mebarak and shifted to Nidia who is a painter. He never mentioned about the reason of his divorce but he is living a happy life with his present wife today. He has his children’s named Alberto Mebarak , Edward Mebarak , Antonio Mebarak, Robin Mebarak, Moises Mebarak, Patricia Mebarak, and Lucy and Shakira. He does not like social media. He has not opened any account also from where we can at least get to know about his life. 

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