They Certainly Earn Money in Casinos: 3 Top Jobs in the Gambling Industry that are Not Dealer

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Much like any other place of work that employs a lot of different staff members, casinos have many great sides as a place of work. These are of course followed by a couple of not-so-great characteristics, such as long hours. But these disadvantages are pretty standard too.  If you are looking for a career in the casino industry, you might want to practice by playing online. You can view online games via legitimate sites to get the hang of it before switching your job!

However, what probably separates casinos from others is that it’s an industry where you could have some moral issues. You don’t have to be a gambler or even be too enthusiastic about it. Although it helps a lot, first of all, to enjoy your work if you are at least one of these of course. But you should definitely be okay with how the industry functions. 

If you are certain you are, there are many job opportunities in casinos, depending on their location and size, of course. In the next few lines, you will find the most popular ones, along with the possible salary and education required to apply for the job. 

Casino Cashiers 

Money and casinos go together like peanut butter and jelly. Money is the main reason most people visit casinos. And money is what the cashier’s job is all about, as the name suggests. 

Casino cashiers are the ones who help guests get chips for their cash and vice versa once they are done playing. They process credit cards and other kinds of payments and they can help guests in case of an issue with payment or payment methods.

When it comes to the education level required, most people doing this job have a high school diploma. There are those with BAs and MAs as well of course, but they are a minority. Some of the main characteristics that are good to have if you would like to be a casino cashier are good math and people skills. The ability to work under pressure is always a bonus. 

Like for many other positions, previous working experience will be required to apply. Many casinos, however, will take you into consideration if you used to work as a sales associate or assistant manager. So you don’t necessarily have to be experienced in the casino industry. 

The salary of casino cashiers in the United States is around $25,417 per year. Those who work as Cage Cashiers have a slightly higher annual salary, around $29,308. This is probably because they often have to deal with high rollers which gives them higher responsibility. 

Slot Attendant

If you are a visitor to a casino, it might seem to you like slots don’t need attending. Perhaps they just need to be refilled with money. But, much like other machines we use, they tend to have bugs and issues that can spoil the users’ experience or even make it impossible for them to play. 

Because of this, casinos must hire a person called a slot attendant. Their job is the maintenance of slots in case of malfunction. They also take care of slots’ security and in a way are customer support, since they are there to answer players’ questions and help them out with their concerns. 

The average national salary for slot attendants is around $26,460 per year in the States. When it comes to the necessary education to do this job, most people who do it have a high-school diploma, while some have a BA. 

If you are wondering what personal skills you need, it’s to be a people person that enjoys customer service and to be able to stand for the whole shift. 

Most of the time, previous working experience is required, but some places offer training. Of course, it would help you a lot if you knew a thing or two about slots, like how they work, what are the types of slots, what’s their history and so on. If you enjoy playing slots it is a huge bonus too, of course. 

Casino Host 

When you think of working in casinos, your first thought is probably a casino dealer. Movies and maybe even some real-life experiences influenced us to think of people who do this job as the public face and a symbol of casinos. In reality, this is the job of a Casino Host. 

Once you enter a casino, you will probably be greeted by a casino host. Other than that, their job is to provide answers to any questions the players might have, so you might call them customer service. They work as a bridge between the business and the customer. 

A job of a Casino Host is also to take care of patrons and build relationships with them, making sure they will want to come back. This, of course, is very important for casinos that host high rollers. 

When it comes to necessary skills and education, a casino host must be great at customer service, and must have impeccable communication abilities as well as problem-solving skills. Most of the time, casinos will hire a person with a high school diploma to do this job, but some will prefer a BA with a major in hospitality. The median annual salary for this job is $27,500 in the USA. 

Final thoughts

Jobs in casinos can be pretty exciting and filled with new experiences. Even though the positions we mentioned above are not among the highest paying jobs, they definitely are pretty exciting and with space for a promotion that brings more money. 

Of course, it’s not all glamorous and fun as movies might like us to believe, especially if you work in a smaller gambling parlor. But for certain personality types, it can be, like the old saying says, find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life

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