The Importance of Annual Wellness Visits

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Chronic illness requires close monitoring to appreciate treatment efficacy and the need for medication adjustments. Your doctor will insist on regular clinical visits, including an annual physical exam, to appreciate your health status and treatment progress. Many patients do not value the significance of an annual physical exam in managing and treating chronic illness. Doctors at Cary Generations Family Practice insist that you remain committed to clinical appointments, especially your annual wellness visit, to ensure early detection of disease for improved treatment efficiencies. The following are reasons to attend annual wellness visits:

Annual wellness visits can detect health complications as they arise.

During your annual physical exam, your doctor will perform various protocols, including a comprehensive physical assessment, and record crucial patient data for future reference. Annual physical exams reveal critical baseline information, which your doctor will compare with results from future tests to determine any changes signaling potential health concerns. Patient data collected from subsequent annual physical exams will develop a though medical history, which your doctor will review whenever you visit the hospital for emergency care. A comprehensive medical history review will reveal any predispositions to disease and help your doctor personalize treatment.

Your doctor can recommend preventative screens on time.

Your clinical provider appreciates your annual wellness visits because these appointments reveal critical information regarding your current health status and lifestyle for an updated medical history to determine the need for preventative screenings. For example, your doctor will recognize any pending immunizations and vaccinations during your annual physical to prevent potential concerns. However, the clinical recommendations your doctor makes will require a patient-centered approach.

Other preventative healthcare measures include a blood workup with lipid profiles. This evaluation will determine your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. However, your family and medical history will determine any additional screenings your doctor recommends. Another factor that influences the type of preventative screenings you will need is gender. For example, men may undergo prostate cancer screenings while women need breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Annual wellness visits lead to early diagnosis of underlying complications.

Various chronic illnesses do not have warning signs and symptoms. These diseases are dangerous because they progress slowly and may lead to adversities that may be irreversible unless you get early intervention. If you are committed to annual physicals, you are free from underlying diseases that advance in the background because your doctor will conduct necessary diagnostic tests to catch and treat arising complications early easily.

Build a relationship with your primary care provider.

Committing to regular annual clinical visits can help you to build a close relationship with your primary caregiver. This physician-patient relationship is necessary whenever a healthcare crisis strikes. You can connect and develop trust with your doctor during your annual physical. Through the relationship, your doctor becomes accountable for your health and provides any additional support, including patient education, that you may need to optimize your wellness, depending on your health status. Collaborating with a certified physician will lead to a thorough annual physical. Contact Generations Family Practice to schedule an annual physical, reveal any underlying complications, receive emergency treatment, and prevent clinical adversities.

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