Reasons Why You Should Consider Bone Marrow Aspirate Therapy

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Regenerative medicine’s popularity in the treatment of musculoskeletal system issues continues to grow by the day. Injuries such as tendon and cartilage damage, bone fractures, wounds, and conditions like arthritis can prove difficult to treat or manage. Portland non-operative orthopaedic specialist offers regenerative therapies like bone marrow aspirate concentrate (BMAC) that can help many, including athletes, treat or manage such concerns to improve musculoskeletal health. BMAC uses regenerative stem cells extracted from your bone marrow, the soft spongy tissue in the center of your bones. Among the reasons more people continue to turn to BMAC therapy include:

Speeds up healing

BMAC stem cells are extracted from bone marrow, where blood is generated. The cells replicate into different tissues, which speeds up your natural healing abilities. The stem cells promote speedy tissue growth, which can help fast-track recovery even in concerns that takes longer to heal, like cartilage damage. Faster healing allows you to return to your routine with minimal downtime, which is especially critical for physically active individuals.

Address root cause

The regenerative approach does not simply mask pain. It addresses the root cause of your musculoskeletal issues by promoting healing. You will realize reduced swelling, inflammation, and pain and improved functionality with damaged tissue healing. Holistic healing means you will enjoy long-lasting impacts, not addressing the symptoms only for them to reappear. In chronic conditions like arthritis, the approach promotes damaged tissue healing and slow degradation. This translates to better symptom management as you stop the condition from progressing faster and causing severe problems.

Safe procedure

BMAC may seem lengthy and dangerous, but it is a safe and fast procedure that requires no medication or hospital stay. Following your condition, you could even be in and out of the doctor’s office and back to your routine shortly after the procedure. While unlikely, it is wise to acknowledge potential risks and complications you could develop, such as blood clots, blood vessels or nerve damage, infection, swelling, and soreness at the injection site. Under a specialist’s care, the procedure is relatively safe. The side effects are also rare since the therapy uses your own stem cells, which the body can’t reject.

Fast recovery

BMAC is a minimally invasive procedure. The specialist uses a needle to extract the bone marrow, mostly from the hip. The sample is processed for cell isolation, and the bone marrow aspirate is injected into the target site. Unlike open surgery, you won’t be left with a huge wound to manage. The small incisions heal faster, and as the concentrate speeds up your recovery and delivers notable symptom relief, you can return to normal activities within a reasonable period.

Managing complex musculoskeletal issues, especially when chronic, can be overwhelming. BMAC therapy offers a minimally-invasive solution that enhances blood supply, improves healing potential, and increases target areas’ regenerative cells. This helps address many musculoskeletal issues and can delay or eliminate the need for surgery. The holistic approach offers lasting results since it leverages your healing abilities, which can help improve the symptoms and functionality. Contact Sports Health Northwest, Inc today for more on bone marrow aspirate therapy.

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