Postscript Raises $35M to Provide SMS Capabilities to Shopify Stores

by padrenuestroyavemaria
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Postscript enables Shopify merchants to communicate with consumers by SMS while keeping everything opt-in, legally compliant, and spam-free. The firm raised $4.5 million towards the end of 2019 and announced this morning that it had received a $35 million Series B round as per greylock yckumparaktechcrunch.

Over the previous year, the firm has expanded dramatically. We last checked with them in December of 2019, when they had 14 workers and around 530 customers; currently, they have 61 staff and over 3,500 clients.  

Their product concept has also expanded during the previous year. It was initially thought of as a one-way broadcasting channel for Shopify stores to sell products to existing customers, but now they are expanding their presence into more two-way interactions to facilitate customers for performing things like re-orders, subscription management, and reviews via SMS.                 

Postscript, as previously stated, is only compatible with Shopify shops. Behind the scenes, they’ve been developing an API to allow deeper connections with other Shopify plugins — but for the time being, they’re just interested in Shopify businesses. 

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“We are currently focusing on it”, said Postscript co-founder Alex Beller. “To be honest, we think it’s kind of our secret sauce because we dive so deep with the data and the ecosystem.” There are only a few little cumulative benefits there. It’s also the platform with the quickest growth in e-commerce, so it’s a terrific place to be.”    

While the company’s December 2019 fundraising was a seed round, co-founder Adam Turner informs me that, due to the size of the deal and the company’s sales, they bypassed the A round and structured this one as a Series B.  Greylock led the round, joined by YC, 1984vc, Ali Capital, Elephant VC, and Larry Fitzgerald. Greylock investors Sarah Guo and Mike Duboe will join Postscript’s board as part of the purchase.

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