Portable Vaporizers: 7 Portable Vape Pens You Can Disguise Easily (2022)

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A vape pen usually comes in large sizes that can’t be hidden well. These devices also produce huge amounts of smoke while vaping and loud noise when heating up. Such big vaporizers weren’t safe to be used in public because of the constant stigma around smoking. But today’s vaping devices are discreet and don’t gather much attention. 

Nowadays, you can see that these devices can be easily hidden in hands and pockets or disguised as a pen, inhaler, or lighter. What’s added to the flexibility of carrying them anywhere, is their capability of holding the smoke and noise that were previously produced. Do you want to know vaporizers that you won’t have to hide in public? Follow our article to get 7 good vaporizers to use in public. 

Portable Vape Batteries

There are two types of portable vape batteries available in the market: one that can be removed and the other that is not separated with the vaporizers. The later ones are designed as such so that they can’t be mixed and matched. A rechargeable vape pen uses removable batteries that can be connected when you need to use them. 

7 Portable Vape Pens That Can Disguised Easily

  1. Crafty+ 

This vaporizer is another great creation of Storz And Bickel, it is so small in size that it fits into the palm and pocket making it easy to hide. It comes with an improvised heat-up time, along with a super booster function. This function helps you better regulate your power session. 

If you are among the people who were complaining about the charging capabilities of the previous version, this version comes with a reduced time limit of over 25%. This device has been upgraded to USB-C charging which helps you get instant results. 

  1. Firefly 2+

If Firefly wasn’t able to knock the air out of the lungs, its better version Firefly 2+ certainly will. It comes in a size that is about 30% smaller than the previous one, this one is also lighter and has advanced technology that controls the temperature of the device. Most importantly you can now spend more time vaping with the increase in battery life. 

Firefly 2+ lets you take the front seat and choose between six temperature settings, so you can choose how dense the vapors should be. The most notable improvement of this vape pen is its battery life. The battery is small enough to be replaced on the go. Another added advantage is that you can easily clean and maintain it. 

  1. PAX 3 

This vaporizer comes with a uniquely sleek style so that you can hide them in your hand and pocket and disguise them as your inhaler. It comes in a design that heats up quickly and it also has a lip sensing technology that helps in heating the chamber while you are using it. 

This version of PAX comes with a better battery that can help you vape continuously for one hour. The charging is also driven by innovation as it comes with a unique charging dock. 

  1. Atmos Jump

When you see this vaporizer, you can’t tell whether it is a vaporizer or a pen. This device comes with temperature optimization settings on convection, which makes it as easy to use as it is to conceal. You just have to fill the input chamber with a little ground flower and you can use it for the whole day. 

This durable piece is a perfect option for outdoor visits. It also comes with a five-year warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it being broken mid-travel. 

  1. Vaporesso Renova Zero

This Vaporesso Renova Zero helps you to hide your vaporizer in a stylish way, it comes in nine different colors so it looks stylish. This cartridge-based vaporizer can be carried around easily because of its small size. Its small size isn’t related to its capacity to provide quality vapors. 

The vaping liquid comes in the form of a cartridge so that the vape pen is easily disguised. You just need to touch it and the temperature can be adjusted, so you don’t fill the room with vapors. 

  1. KandyPens Galaxy Mercury Vaporizer

This company has a range of pens that can be disguised, Mercury Vaporizer is one among the vast list. It comes in a stylish case that can help you leave a lasting impression on those who see you vaping. It has a Quartz crystal atomizer which helps you to provide an ultimate vaping experience. Despite its small size, you can control the number of vapors that come out of this vape. 

  1. Davinci IQ2 

This vaporizer comes with led lights that help you disguise it as a pocket torch. Its futuristic design has a zirconia pathway that helps you retain the flavor of the vape liquid. This vaporizer is pocket-sized so it can be handled discreetly and it looks extremely good so you can leave a lasting impression. It also comes with long battery life and efficient heating. Although the price of this device is quite high, it can’t compare to the experience it offers. 


Vaping has many benefits and it’s a healthy option for smoking, but there are many people who don’t know the difference and may not digest your image of vaping well. Moreover, the use of e-cigarettes is also frowned upon in many areas. So at such times, a discreet vapor that doesn’t lower the quality of vapor and provides you with a good experience can be appreciated.