Liability for a Pileup Accident in Sherman Oaks

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Determining who is liable for causing a pileup accident is complex as there are multiple vehicles and drivers involved in the accident compared to a conventional accident involving two or three people at most. This is because multiple people and their negligence caused the accident, and determining the role of each driver became difficult.

However, determining the font requires a thorough assessment of the case. Sherman Oaks car accident lawyer checks liability by evaluating the first accident before assessing the chain reaction followed by it. Suppose the drivers involved in an initial collision showed negligence in their conduct or used improper diving tactics. In that case, they will be held liable for all the injuries and damage resulting from there. 

They will be held liable if the accident and chain reaction occurs due to their activities. To do that, it must be proven that the actions taken by the drivers involved in the initial accident Led to circumstances that were the prime cause of the pileup accident and inevitable damage. 

Drivers who were not involved in the initial accident.

Just because one person was found responsible for causing the initial collision, it is not reasonable that the other drivers and then negligence will be brushed off. Suppose it is found that other drivers involved in the accident did not react appropriately or had a reasonable reaction to the accident. In that case, they will be partially liable for the chain reaction.

The other people who can be held responsible for causing the accident includes the designer, manufacturers, distributors, or sellers of a defective vehicle or equipment which resulted in the accident due to vehicular malfunctioning. 

Filing Car Accident Claims for Pileup Accidents

In no-fault states, the drivers operating a vehicle must hold PIP insurance for covering damages resulting from car collisions to $10,000. If the injuries resulting from the accident exceed the personal injury protection limit, further steps can be taken to get full compensation for the damages. A car accident attorney can help in gaining compensation for the damages by providing the required legal help. 

They help you file the claim and make all the necessary arrangements for strengthening the case to get justice against the defendant and sufficient compensation from the liable insurance provider. They have been negotiating on your behalf, so your case gets settled without getting underpaid. If your case goes to court, they are prepared to handle it effectively and provide the required legal representation for winning a lawsuit. 

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