How to Safely Recover from Being Roofied

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Are you experiencing extreme brain fog, disorientation, breathing difficulties, muscle control loss, lapses in memory, or extreme drunkenness that just won’t go away after a night out? You have probably been roofied. 

Unfortunately, being drugged without consent or “roofied” is much more common than you’d think, especially among women. According to a survey by Alcohol.Org, 50% of women and men surveyed said they had had their drink spiked at least once in their lifetime. The most common roofie drug is Rohypnol, a prescription drug that works as a sedative and hypnotic. However, other similar drugs are often used. 

Most drugging cases usually happen in parties and environments where alcohol and drugs are in high use. However, you can get roofied anywhere, including on a good old date.

So, if you suspect you or your friend has been drugged, here’s how to recover from being roofied:

Drink as Much Water as You Can

The first step on how to recover from being roofied is to drink as much water as possible. Remember, you don’t know how much of the drug is in your system, and you want to help your body flush it out faster by rehydrating. Plus, your body is probably dehydrated from hours of absorbing the drug.

Resist the Urge to Fall Asleep

When you have sedatives in your system, you will likely experience extreme dizziness, fatigue, and all kinds of unpleasant symptoms. And so, it can be really tempting to just want some more shuteye. However, do not fall back asleep. The dangers of being drugged are very real, and you don’t want to waste any time.

Contact Emergency Medical Assistance

You probably don’t have the strength to go to the hospital by yourself. So, it’s best to call emergency response services to come for you. You can also call someone you trust to get you to a hospital. If you don’t know how long you have been unconscious, take note of the time by recording it somewhere. 

Also, don’t shower or change clothes in case there are chances of assault. Once you have called for assistance, wait and try to keep yourself awake.

Lean on Close Family & Friends as You Recover

Recovery is not just physical but mental as well. So, give yourself time to make a full recovery, both physically as well as emotionally, and mentally. Ask the doctor at the facility you get treated for a note to excuse you from work for a few days

As you take time to heal, keep family and close friends close and lean on them if you need to.

How to Recover From Being Roofied – In Summary

If you have the slightest suspicion that you have been roofied, seek medical attention immediately. A medical professional will be better placed to assess your symptoms, perform medical tests and administer appropriate treatment to get you back to good health. 

Remember, while you will heal quickly physically, the mental and emotional recovery journey is different for everyone. So, be kind and patient with yourself. Hopefully, this guide on how to recover from being roofied will help you take precautions to protect yourself when you are out.

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