Find Out the Meaning of the Most Famous Gambling Symbols

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Most of the slot symbols in use today are very different from the traditional symbols. Today slot machines offer a huge variety of winning combinations that add to the excitement when spinning the wheels. Standard slot machines have three reels, and more advanced ones have five reels. Despite all the progress, some of the most basic symbols are still present in the slot machines of today. 


Bells in gambling are not religious symbols tied to the church. They originate from the very first slot machine invented by Charles Fey. He called it “The Liberty Bell”. The 3-reel slot had five different symbols (spades, diamonds, hearts, horseshoes, and a Liberty Bell). If you were lucky enough to pull three liberty bells, you would receive a payout. Bells are still an important feature of slot machines today. 

If you visit an internet casino, you will find a huge variety of slot machines, including classic slots that give you that traditional feel. 


Gamblers tend to be superstitious and often believe symbols of luck play a part in winning casino games. Another well-recognized symbol of luck in western culture is the horseshoe. Many believe this can be traced back to the legend about St. Dunstan, the patron saint of blacksmiths. 

The story goes that the Devil asked him to nail horseshoes on his horse. He pretended to take on the task but suddenly grabbed hold of the Devil’s hoof and nailed the horseshoe to him instead of the horse. He agreed to remove the horseshoe on condition that the Devil never entered a house with a horseshoe hanging on the door. 


In 1902, it became illegal for slot machines in the U.S. to pay out money. Slot machines would pay out prizes in the form of fruit-flavored bubble gum or sweets instead. Bells and horseshoes were replaced by fruits to represent the flavors of the gum. Match three fruits like cherries or grapes, and you will win cherry or grape-flavored gum. From these symbols, slot machines became known as ‘fruities’. 

By the late seventies, slot machines became popular with huge jackpots instead of gum. There is still a place in present-day slots for some old-fashioned fruit symbols.


When gambling at a casino, the odds favor the house in most cases. One of the best gambling tips for beginners is to avoid games that take the house edge to another level. However, many players believe in the power of luck, and a four-leaf clover is considered lucky. One legend is that Eve plucked a four-leaf clover as a souvenir of paradise. Another legend is that St. Patrick used a three-leaf clover to explain the Holy Trinity to nonbelievers when Christianity came to ancient Ireland.

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