Engaging a car accident attorney in Louisville: Consider these reasons

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Road mishaps are quite common in Louisville. Kentucky has a no-fault system in place for car accident claims. For the unversed, this means that one has to file a claim with their insurer to recover compensation unless they had opted out of the system when buying the policy. There are also other situations when one can directly sue the party responsible for the accident. If you are pondering about the role of a louisville car accident attorney, here are some things you need to know.

You need some clarity

Who is responsible for the accident? Can you step out of the no-fault insurance system? What’s the worth of your claim? Do your injuries qualify as serious and traumatic? How can you ensure that you are not forced by the insurance company to accept their offer? Immediately after the mishap, you may not have clarity on these things, which is precisely why you need an accident attorney. Lawyers can check the fundamental facts to give you direction so you can proceed with your claim.

You need help with the investigation

Proving the other party’s fault is often the most challenging aspect of filing a car accident claim. When many parties are involved in a car accident, determining who is liable for the mishap is often confusing. Because lawyers have dealt with numerous cases and have the necessary resources, they can ensure that a fair investigation is done for your interests. Yes, the insurance company will investigate things, but you need your accident attorney to ensure that you have the evidence you need.

You need to negotiate

Insurance claims adjusters are known for being extremely rude and shrewd with claimants. They will want the other side to settle immediately, give a statement, and even your simple words can be misused against you. Even if you are remotely responsible for the mishap, they can ensure your claim is denied or disputed. You should have an accident attorney who can negotiate on your behalf. Lawyers can check all your losses are covered, and that the settlement is worth the claim.

Finding a good accident attorney

Only selected personal injury lawyers in Louisville are capable of handling car accident claims, as the law covers a wide range of cases. Find a good attorney with credible expertise and ask if they have handled such cases in court. While you would hope that the matter doesn’t go to trial, you should be prepared for the worst.

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