Do You Need A Full Mouth Reconstruction? What You Need to Know

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According to research, about 15% of the adult population has severe oral health problems. For such cases, full oral reconstruction is usually the best strategy to restore your teeth’s aesthetics. San Ramon Dental Excellence mouth reconstruction process involves several procedures to complement your dental needs and preferences. Read on to explore the benefits of the cosmetic procedure for your smile and oral health.

What is full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction is a cosmetic treatment for people looking for effective cosmetic tooth restoration. The process varies according to the patient’s diagnosis. The procedure can address chipped teeth, severe discoloration, and other complicated dental issues.

The procedure begins with an assessment of your teeth and overall health. Your dentists will recommend treatment for any underlying dental issues. That is to ensure complications do not emerge during your treatment.

The results from your teeth assessment will define the restoration process that yields the best outcomes. The strategy may involve teeth cleaning, whitening, and instructions on how to keep your oral cavity clean and healthy.

Severe tooth inconsistencies or discolorations may require more intensive interventions. Your dentist can propose in-office treatment and whitening kits to eliminate stubborn stains. The reconstruction strategy may include crowns and veneers to seal cracks and cover gaps.

What to expect during your consultation

Your dentist must evaluate your teeth during the full mouth reconstruction consultation. The assessment aims to diagnose underlying issues and identify tooth inconsistencies.

Your dental specialist will take an impression of your teeth to facilitate the smile design process. The mod is sent to the lab to create mockups you can assess during your next consultation.

The mockup helps patients determine if the design matches their expectations. Your smile specialist will discuss the options every step of the way. Whether the treatment is for discoloration or chipped teeth, your dentist can adjust the design to fit your needs.

The process may take a few weeks to a year to complete. The treatment’s duration may vary for each patient since fitting like veneers and implants have varying time requirements.

Although the duration may take months to complete, you will receive temporary fittings whenever necessary. The dental appliances are designed to mimic the look and color of your teeth. You can be confident the process will be inconspicuous after your return home from your dentist’s appointment.

Benefits of full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is customized to meet the patient’s cosmetic goals. Your input is considered at every stage of the smile design to guarantee your desired results. By making minor adjustments at each phase, the approach ensures satisfactory outcomes.

The process also thoroughly examines the condition of your teeth and gums before commencing treatment. That eliminates gum inflammation, tooth cavities, and oral health issues that could impact the results.

Your dentists will recommend a specialist for some oral health problems. Prompt treatment will limit further tooth deterioration. A full mouth reconstruction will boost your oral health and reveal the confident smile you expect.

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