Dealing with wrongful termination? Reach out to an attorney now!

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Getting a good job is a dream for most. It is the most important source of your livelihood. But suddenly, one day if you get to know that you are fired from your job without informing you of the reason or giving you a valid explanation, it can be pretty disheartening and shocking. In such illegal cases, an employee must protect their rights at all costs. They must find out the reason for such an act by the employer and how they must be compensated financially and emotionally. You must file a wrongful termination lawsuit with the legal help of an expert employment attorney.

Reasons to reach out to Paramus wrongful termination attorney for wrongful termination:

  • Determine if the termination was wrongful: As you are suddenly facing termination from your job without an explanation, you may be uncertain about whether you are entitled to notice or whether you have a wrongful termination claim. You may be having doubts and concerns about the way in which your employer terminated the contract which might lead to additional damages. An employment attorney will discuss the facts of the case in-depth and find out if the termination was indeed wrongful. 
  • Help you understand your legal rights: As an employee, it is important to educate yourself about basic labor laws that affect you. It is only when you face such wrongful termination, you realize the importance of your legal rights. This is why you need an employment attorney who will help you understand your legal rights. They will assist you on how your employer did not follow statutory limits and how they are answerable to the law. 
  • Help you with constructive termination: In many cases, employers make alterations to the current contract without informing the employee and then terminate them. In such a case it is a constructive termination. Here you will need the help of a legal professional to better represent you.
  • Help you with the right financial compensation: The employer might try to convince you to settle for a less compensation amount during the termination. Never accept such compensation. An employment attorney will evaluate the case and determine the amount of financial compensation the employer owes you in case of wrongful termination.

Wrongful terminations are unacceptable and an illegal act on the part of the employer. Every employer-employee relationship is bound by an employment contract. This contract also mentions the rules and regulations about how, why, and when an employee can be terminated. Violating this contract can lead to the employer facing a lawsuit. The employee must seek legal help from a reputed employment attorney to address this issue. 

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