10 Bad Dental Habits You Need To Quit

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You may make all the efforts to keep your teeth strong and healthy such as visting the dentist on a regular basis or brushing two times in a day, but there are chances that you are still harming them with some bad habits. Below given are ten bad habits that damage your pearly whites and lead to numerous dental problems. These habits should be stopped as soon as possible. If you need medical help, you can reach out to online doctor free and make sure your teeth remain happy and intact.

1. Biting Fingernails.

Many of us have a bad habit of biting fingernails, especially when we are nervous, tensed or scared. Though, we’ve been taunted and punished for it ample of times, it is something that doesn’t leave us so soon. It is a compulsive habit that is very common among children and teenagers. In simple terms, we often tend to repeat nail biting without actually being aware of what we’re doing.

Though common, it creates a big problem when it is repeated very often and in excess. Too much nail biting can adversely affect teeth and gums. If swallowed, the pieces of your nails may create issues in the inner lining of the abdomen. It can transfer germs inside the body leading to various types of diseases and illnesses.

2. Brushing teeth very hard

Brushing teeth is a good habit that each one of us should indulge into at least twice a day. However, while doing so, one should take proper care and caution. It is not advisable to use too much force while brushing and not make use of toothbrushes having hard bristles as it may begin the wear and tear of the protective enamel on your teeth. Symptoms of brushing your teeth very hard or overdoing it may include bleeding and receding gums, worn spots and cavities.

3. Bruxism

In simple terms Bruxism is an activity of excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching. It is a common behavior shown by a number of individuals from time to time. It happens both during the day as well as the night, but is unconsciously done by people when they’re anxious.

However, when this oral parafunctional is repeated too often, it increases the chances of teeth and gum damages.

Grinding usually takes place in the night and is a result of inappropriate bite or crooked tooth. Clear and visible symptoms of grinding are a dull and swollen jaws, continuous headaches, tooth wears and hypersensitive teeth.

4. Eating Junk and Sipping Cold Beverages:

In today’s hectic and busy lifestyle most of us ignore what and how we eat. To meet our deadlines, we usually rely on the fast-food that can fill our stomachs within no time. Undoubtedly, they are very tasty too eat, but have several adverse effects on our teeth as well as the overall health.

The continuous intake of junk snacks and cold beverages like soda leave an acidic film that gradually damages the mouth. It eats away at teeth and gums, leading to tooth aches and bad breath.

5. Chomping Ice Cubes

There are a number of theories of ice chewing habits, what it means and why is it done. Some medical professionals suspect that it is related to iron deficiency in the body. However, there is no clarity and proved research on the same. Nonetheless, continuous ice chewing has the capacity to erode tooth enamel causing damages. Also, it has the risk of cracking, chipping or falling of teeth.

6. Making Teeth your Tool.

Many of us usually open a bag of chips or take of a tag with the help of our teeth. Some even tend to open glass soda bottle caps with their teeth. Unequivocally, human tooth is quite strong, but many times, it is put to use for things that aren’t supposed to be done. When we can’t find an opener or a scissor, we resort using these in-built tools to get our work done. However, such activities by only lead to damages and may easily crack or chip your teeth.

7. Consuming too much Alcohol

Individuals who are addicted to alcohol or liquor or tend to drink each day have higher levels on unhealthy plaque on their teeth. These people who heavily rely on liquor are at least three times much likely to face permanent tooth loss. It happens as alcohol causes mouth dryness, preventing the natural saliva from cleaning the mouth, keeping it moist and killing all the bacteria.

8. Tobacco Usage

 “Tobacco” usually includes both cigarette smoking covers as well as chewing tobacco like Ghutka. Regardless to mention, there exists a number of reasons to quit using tobacco and lead a healthy life.

However, Tobacco is a habit that is not so easy to quit. Today, there are many ways to do away with this harming habit such prescription drugs, therapy, medical treatments, hypnotism. But, it can only be done on one’s on will and desire.

Heavy tobacco use that prompts most of the people to leave this bad habit behind is oral problems. These include bad breath, gum bleeding, sore throat, mouth swelling and teeth.

9. Chewing food without being mentally present

Most of us unconsciously chew a lot of non-edible items when in deep thought, nervous or scared. Be it wooden pencil edge, a plastic pen cap or the eyeglass tip, we all have done this at least once in a lifetime. However, if you tend to do it quite frequently when you’re mentally absent and in your own wonderland, then it could pose some risks for your health.  If it turns into a habit then the possibilities of tooth chipping increases significantly. Non-organic items may also have germs that results into mouth related diseases and infections.

10. Disregarding the importance of Brushing.

Some health related websites highlight the fact that the biggest and most harmful teeth habit is lack of appropriate self care. It is said that an individual should brush his/her teeth at least twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. However, how many of us actually follow this golden rule to keep our pearly whites in good condition?

While some rush with the brushing activity in morning as they have to reach work/school, some others tend to skip the nighttime brushing session as they are busy fulfilling their late night commitments with friends and family.  If you don’t care for your teeth, then ultimately you will have to face a number of dental issues such as stain on teeth, teeth erosion and gum bleeding.

To keep your teeth shiny and strong, make sure you quit all the above bad habits cause harm. If, despite putting in all the efforts, you’re still facing any dental problems then it may be time to check with a dentist. With the advent of technology you can now take help from online doctor free and get your problems solved.

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